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CANARIE helps Canada get there first by advancing Canada’s innovation infrastructure The NREN connects Canadians to Big Data and the tools that power innovation Research software unlocks the power of software tools to accelerate discovery Identity and access management enable connectivity and secure access to content anywhere Cloud resources for startups accelerate the commercialization of great ideas Slide Slide


We are closely monitoring announcements from our government and health authorities and are taking proactive steps to protect our staff and our communities.

Please see this page for updates to CANARIE’s activities in relation to COVID-19.

CANARIE delivers benefits to:

Scientific Research

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CANARIE operates and evolves the national backbone of Canada’s ultra-high-speed National Research and Education Network (NREN), connecting to 12 provincial and territorial partner networks. This world-class 100 gigabit per second network is critical infrastructure supporting today’s data-intensive, globally collaborative research. Learn more.

Private Sector

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CANARIE helps bolster Canadian economic growth by providing transformative technologies that accelerate research and the commercialization of new products in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. Learn more.

Higher Education


Today’s research and education resources are globally dispersed. To support Canadians’ access to these resources, CANARIE’s Federated Identity Management service is available to staff, students and faculty of academic and research institutions participating in the Canadian Access Federation (CAF). Learn more.

All Canadians

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CANARIE’s core purpose is the advancement of Canada’s knowledge and innovation infrastructure. This infrastructure is the digital foundation supporting Canadian leadership in the global knowledge-based economy. Learn more.