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CANARIE’s core purpose is the advancement of Canada’s knowledge and innovation infrastructure. This infrastructure is the digital foundation supporting Canadian leadership in the global knowledge-based economy.


Every day, CANARIE helps Canada get there first by connecting Canadians to each other and to the tools, data, software, and high performance computing that supports home-grown ingenuity, innovation and long-term economic prosperity.

1 million Canadians have access to the ultra-high-speed CANARIE Network at almost 2,000 connected institutions. CANARIE also connects to over 100 international research and education networks, which mean students, faculty, and researchers in both private and public sectors can collaborate with teams across the country and around the world, as easily as if they were in the same lab. Learn more about CANARIE’s Network.

CANARIE’s Research Software Program helps Canadians accelerate discoveries in all scientific disciplines, leading to advancements that promise to improve our quality of life. Learn more about CANARIE’s Research Software .

To support private sector use of transformative technologies, CANARIE’s DAIR Program provides entrepreneurs with, cloud-based computing resources to lower operational costs and speed time-to-market. Learn more about CANARIE’s Cloud Technology and about CANARIE’s Identity and Access Management Solutions.

CANARIE’s participation in the Centre of Excellence in Next-Generation Networks (CENGN) means larger ICT companies benefit from CANARIE’s powerful network testbed to pilot the technologies that will drive our digital future. Learn more about CANARIE’s participation in CENGN.

CANARIE in Action

See how CANARIE has played a role in improving the lives of Canadians: