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CANARIE announces new Board Chair, Vice-Chair and Directors, extends thanks and appreciation to departing Directors

on November 19, 2013

CANARIE, a vital component of Canada’s digital infrastructure supporting research, education and innovation, today announced that Mr. Grant Farmer has been appointed Board Chair, Dr. Catherine Middleton has been appointed Vice-Chair, and Dr. Eddy Campbell and Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer are joining the Board of Directors. Ms. Lucie Laplante continues her role as Secretary-Treasurer of the Board. CANARIE also recognizes the tremendous contributions made by departing Board members Dr. Chris Loomis and Dr. Mark Whitmore, who have almost twenty years of combined service to CANARIE and its stakeholders.


CANARIE is a not-for-profit organization that designs and delivers digital infrastructure, and drives its adoption for Canada’s research, education and innovation communities. CANARIE is governed by an independent Board of Directors comprised of an equal number of individuals from industry and academia. Directors bring a variety of skills and experience to the Board, and their backgrounds in the academic, institutional, private and public sectors ensure CANARIE’s programs and services anticipate and effectively address the evolving needs of these communities.

Mr. Grant Farmer, Strategic Outsourcing Solution Executive at IBM Canada Ltd., assumes the role of Chair for a two-year term. Mr. Farmer joined the CANARIE Board in 2009, served two terms as Secretary-Treasurer, and was elected to the Board Vice-Chair position in June 2011. Mr. Farmer’s extensive background in the information and communications technology sector ensures CANARIE remains attuned to the rapidly changing technology and business landscape in Canada.

Dr. Catherine Middleton holds a Canada Research Chair in Communication Technologies in the Information Society at Ryerson University, and joined the CANARIE Board in 2011. Dr. Middleton’s research on the development of next-generation broadband networks and Canadians’ use of the Internet will inform CANARIE’s perspective as a testbed for and champion of transformative technologies.

Dr. Eddy Campbell is the President of the University of New Brunswick. Dr. Campbell serves on the Boards of Compute Canada, the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, Invest NB, the New Brunswick Research and Innovation Council, and Atlantic University Sport. He brings a depth of knowledge and unique perspective to the CANARIE Board, both as a university President and as a Board member of one of CANARIE’s key partners, Compute Canada.

Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer is the Dean of the Faculty of Science and a Distinguished University Professor of Computer Science at the University of Alberta. Dr. Schaeffer has a long history in Canada’s digital infrastructure ecosystem, working with CANARIE in the 1990s and as a founding member of Compute Canada. His experience as a Board member of Compute Canada from 2010 – 2012, and his current role as Vice-Chair of the Board of Cybera, CANARIE’s advanced network partner in Alberta, will support CANARIE’s continued efforts to align and leverage the components of Canada’s digital infrastructure ecosystem to deliver maximum benefits to Canadians.

Dr. Howard Brunt, former Board Chair and Vice President Research at the University of Victoria, remains on the Board and will continue to provide strategic counsel as CANARIE executes on the objectives of its current mandate and develops its strategic plan for 2015- 2020.

Departing the Board after ten years of service is Dr. Chris Loomis, Professor of Pharmacology and former Vice President, Research, Memorial University of Newfoundland. His passion for CANARIE and for the role digital infrastructure plays in strengthening Canada’s economic and social fabric was evident in the invaluable advice and insight he provided to CANARIE management and stakeholders over the past decade.

Also departing the Board after nine years of service is Dr. Mark Whitmore, Dean, Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Whitmore served as Board Chair from 2008 to 2011 and was instrumental in shepherding a number of strategic CANARIE initiatives during his tenure, including the introduction of the Network­ Enabled Platforms program, the transition of the Canadian Access Federation from CUCCIO to CANARIE, and the development of the strategic plan guiding CANARIE’s current activities.


“CANARIE is extremely fortunate to have Dr. Campbell and Dr. Schaeffer join the Board,” says Grant Farmer, Chair of the CANARIE Board of Directors. “As CANARIE continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of its stakeholders and works with the community to advance Canada’s digital infrastructure ecosystem, their breadth of experience and understanding of digital infrastructure, as well as the research and education community, will add tremendous value.”

“I welcome Dr. Campbell and Dr. Schaeffer to the CANARIE Board, and look forward to working with them to ensure CANARIE continues to drive the adoption of transformative technologies that impact Canada’s research, education and innovation communities,” says Jim Ghadbane, President and CEO of CANARIE. “On behalf of CANARIE’s stakeholders and the CANARIE team, I would like to thank Dr. Loomis and Dr. Whitmore for their time, effort, and dedication to CANARIE. Their contributions to CANARIE and to Canada’s digital infrastructure ecosystem will be felt by Canadians for many years to come.”


For more information, please contact:

Ela Ienzi
Communications Manager
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CANARIE designs and delivers digital infrastructure and drives its adoption for Canada’s research and education communities. CANARIE keeps Canada at the forefront of digital research and innovation, fundamental to a vibrant digital economy.

CANARIE’s roots are in advanced networking, and CANARIE continues to evolve the national ultra-high-speed backbone network that enables data-intensive, leading-edge research and big science across Canada and around the world. One million researchers, scientists and students at over 1,100 Canadian institutions, including universities, colleges, research institutes, hospitals, and government laboratories have access to the CANARIE Network.

CANARIE also leads the development of research software tools that enable researchers to more quickly and easily access research data, tools, and peers. In support of Canada’s high-tech entrepreneurs, CANARIE offers cloud-computing services to help them accelerate product development and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Twelve provincial and territorial network partners, together with CANARIE, form Canada’s advanced network alliance. This powerful digital infrastructure connects Canada’s researchers and innovators provincially, nationally, and globally to the data, tools, colleagues, and classrooms that are at the heart of prosperity in the digital economy.

Established in 1993, CANARIE is a non-profit corporation, with the major investment in its programs and activities provided by the Government of Canada.