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CANARIE partners with City of Fredericton goFred Network to support ICT business growth

on October 17, 2013

CANARIE’s free cloud-based compute and storage resources available to business incubators and accelerators, supporting city’s goal to be the hub of ICT innovation in Atlantic Canada

CANARIE, a vital component of Canada’s digital infrastructure supporting research, education and innovation, today announced its partnership with the City of Fredericton’s telecom services provider, eNovations to provide Fredericton area entrepreneurs with access to a suite of powerful cloud-based resources to support
development of next generation products and services.


CANARIE is partnering with eNovations, the operator of the goFred network, to provide a white-label offering of its Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research (DAIR) service. DAIR provides free cloud-based compute, network and storage resources for Canadian entrepreneurs to develop, test, prototype and demonstrate next- generation products. DAIR’s made-in-Canada cloud provides entrepreneurs with the time horizon, scalability and cost certainty that other cloud offerings do not.

goFred provides Fredericton businesses with a range of internet and telecommunications services that facilitate innovation and collaboration in support of the City’s 2020 vision of establishing Fredericton as the ICT capital of the Atlantic region.

The partnership provides goFred with a block of DAIR resources that it can offer to its community of entrepreneurs under the goFred Labs Cloud Incubator banner. The service is intended to provide a kick-start to new, pre-revenue cloud service offerings being developed by Fredericton-area entrepreneurs, complement other network and Internet services offered by goFred, and support the growth and development of ICT businesses in Fredericton.

The goFred partnership is the first implementation of CANARIE’s Powered by DAIR partner model, in which business incubators and accelerators secure a block of DAIR resources and offer the service as an extension or complement to their existing programming. In addition to co-branded resources, CANARIE provides administrative and marketing support to assist the partner in providing cloud incubation support to its clients.

The Powered by DAIR model helps the partner to build its brand, deliver greater value to its client base and obtain greater leverage for its investments in innovation incubation and acceleration services. For entrepreneurs, the incubator provides a one stop shop of programs and services and reduces the burden of navigating various support programs. The Powered by DAIR offering provides a free, made-in-Canada cloud solution with no hidden costs that is available to users for at least one year, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on innovation and
growth with cost certainty.


“Our partnership with goFred leverages the investment that the City of Fredericton has made in ICT sector growth and innovation,” says Peter Wilenius, Vice President, Business Development at CANARIE. “It also provides an opportunity to broaden the visibility and reach of DAIR, so that more Canadian entrepreneurs can accelerate product development timelines while reducing costs, driving an important competitive edge for start- up enterprises.”

“This is another important building block towards making Fredericton the Start-up capital. By leveraging eNovations’ success, this partnership will “super charge” startups by giving them access to national best-in-
class infrastructure and cloud based services”, says Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside.”


goFred Fact Sheet
DAIR in 120 seconds video

For more information, please contact:

Ela Ienzi
Manager, Communications
CANARIE, Inc. (613) 943-5432


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CANARIE’s roots are in advanced networking, and CANARIE continues to evolve the national ultra-high-speed backbone network that enables data-intensive, leading-edge research and big science across Canada and around the world. One million researchers, scientists and students at over 1,100 Canadian institutions, including universities, colleges, research institutes, hospitals, and government laboratories have access to the CANARIE Network.

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Established in 1993, CANARIE is a non-profit corporation, with the major investment in its programs and activities provided by the Government of Canada.