Everyone is talking about it – here’s your opportunity to think about it from a range of perspectives.

Overwhelming! Today’s focus on cybersecurity inundates organizations and individuals alike. Keeping track of the latest threats, understanding the role governments, institutions and individuals play, and deciphering conflicting information on how to protect critical infrastructures, personal information, and strategic assets is a challenge — but don’t despair! The 2019 CANARIE Summit will break down these issues and challenge what we think it takes to stay secure.


Challenge your own assumptions and beliefs by learning about how hackers are keeping us safe.

Question if our legal frameworks are keeping up with our cybersecurity frameworks.


How coordinated are cybersecurity efforts across the country? If cybersecurity is a team sport, who takes responsibility for coaching the Canadian team?

Hear from trailblazing researchers and the latest initiatives to mitigate risks that are yet to be imagined.


Engage with new colleagues and collaborate on initiatives that capitalize on Canada’s opportunity for cybersecurity innovation.

Who Should Attend?

Higher Ed Institutions and Research Facilities

  • Vice Presidents, Research
  • Vice Presidents, Finance and Administration
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Security Officers
  • Directors, Finance
  • Network Architects
  • Researchers in data intensive disciplines


  • Mid-senior officers in Science Policy, Innovation, Information Technology/Security

Private Sector

  • Security solution professionals
  • Identity and access management specialists
  • Network engineers
  • Professionals in solutions and services focused on the Canadian Higher Ed Sector


  • Executive Directors of NFPs serving Canadian higher-ed sector
  • Data management professionals
  • Staff of Research and Education Networks
  • Security professionals

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Why should you attend the CANARIE Summit?

2018 Attendee Feedback Highlights

“Above and beyond my expectations. Great value for this level of conference.”

“The CANARIE Summit is one of the best conferences I attend each year. Full stop.”

“This event is a highlight on my calendar.”

What was the highlight of last year’s Summit?

”The series of keynote speakers that would normally require three regular conferences to gain that much content.”

“The people; CANARIE staff; excellent organization. Good location. Excellent diversity of charismatic speakers covering different aspects of the conference theme. Always a pleasure to attend.”

“Diversity of backgrounds of attendees and speakers, openness to share/discuss.”

“The whole event was a highlight – The topic was relevant and the speakers were interesting and had divergent opinions.”

What did we discuss at the 2018 Summit?

See more highlights from last year’s Summit.

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