Dr. Barb Carra

President and CEO, Cybera

Andrew Dunbar

Vice President, Security Engineering and IT, Shopify

Jim Ghadbane

President and CEO, CANARIE

Jorge Gonzalez-Outeiriño

Director of Infrastructure and Information Security, Wilfrid Laurier University

Tyson Johnson

Chief Operating Officer, CyberNB

Keynote Speaker: Samy Kamkar

Hacker, Whistleblower, Entrepreneur

Dr. Jonathan Kelly

Director, STARS Laboratory and Professor, Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS), University of Toronto

Kris Klein

Privacy Lawyer, nNovation LLP

Brian Lesser

Chief Information Officer, Ryerson University

Dr. Atty Mashatan

Founder and Director, Cybersecurity Research Lab (CRL), Ryerson University

Keynote Speaker: Clive Thompson

Journalist, Author, Tech Industry Expert