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A Birthday for Canada’s Internet

Posted by Gerry Miller, Executive Director, MRnet Today the Internet is an integral part of our lives, where we do business, socialize, learn and “surf”. But where did it all start in Canada? Back in the 1980s, universities across Canada created a network that linked campus mainframe computers at relatively slow speeds. This network was […]

blog arrowDate: November 6, 2015

Research Software Blog: Turning Movement into Data

Contributed by Scott Henwood, Director, Research Software Program So far, our Research Software blog posts have focused on projects that fit into traditional big data areas of scientific investigation such as astronomy and particle physics. Researchers in these areas get their raw data from large, expensive instruments such as space-based telescopes and particle accelerators. In […]

blog arrowDate: November 2, 2015

The Cloud Trap

Contributed by Randy Jones, Senior Director, Technology Innovation The combination of cloud computing and ubiquitous Internet connectivity has lowered barriers to entry and made global markets accessible to a new breed of Software as a Service (SaaS) developer. Those who succeed will experience rapid growth but the same cloud services that enabled growth can, if […]

blog arrowDate: October 19, 2015

Canada’s Digital Future on the Agenda at CANARIE National Summit

Kathryn Anthonisen, Vice President, External Relations, CANARIE The fall conference season is approaching fast, and with it the competing demands of work projects and deadlines versus the desire to be informed, challenged, and inspired by new ideas. It’s not easy to take two full days out of the office, so we’ve worked hard to make […]

blog arrowDate: August 27, 2015

Cloud gaining traction among Canadian entrepreneurs

Posted by Peter Wilenius, Vice President, Business Development It’s been a busy spring for the DAIR team as we partnered with Fundica to participate in the 2015 edition of Funding Roadshow which just wrapped up an 11-stop journey across Canada. The event provides start-ups and small businesses with new business ideas the opportunity to pitch […]

blog arrowDate: July 6, 2015

Research Software Blog: Innovative Software Helps Unlock the Mysteries of the Universe

Posted by Scott Henwood, Director, Research Software Program In this post, we explore how software is being used by the High Energy Physics (HEP) group from the University of Victoria as they collaborate with researchers across the planet to understand the nature of the universe. Software developed by the HEP group under the CANARIE Research Software program […]

blog arrowDate: April 17, 2015

Innovation Blog: Seizing the Opportunity of the Cloud

Posted by Peter Wilenius, Vice President, Business Development A global phenomenon Even for those of us who’ve been deeply involved in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry for 20+ years, it’s sometimes difficult to grasp the magnitude of change and the truly transformative impact that internet technologies have had. Try to think of an […]

blog arrowDate: February 24, 2015

Research Software Blog: WARN geohazard detection Research Software Platform keeps Canada’s west coast safe

Posted by Scott Henwood, Director, Research Software Program Although many Canadians may not know this, there are sensors located along the BC coast, as well as off the coast, in the Pacific Ocean. Underwater-cabled observatories collect data on ocean and Earth processes through sensors that measure a variety of physical and chemical properties, including pressure, movement […]

blog arrowDate: December 5, 2014

How Canadian firms can leverage digital technology to push innovation

Read the latest Op/Ed from CANARIE President and CEO, Jim Ghadbane, as first posted on the Financial Post website.    

blog arrowDate: November 25, 2014

DAIR Cloud Blog: Canadian entrepreneurs are creating new businesses based on the transformative power of the cloud

Posted by Susan St. Maurice – Director, Technology Development   Some of these new businesses, like Halifax’s topLog, tested and perfected their business applications in a simulated customer environment via CANARIE’s DAIR program, which offers free cloud resources to small and medium-sized businesses. topLog offers companies the ability to predict system and applications failures, and in doing so […]

blog arrowDate: November 18, 2014

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