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Service Bulletin – eduroam Android users will no longer connect, requires a CAT profile change

Issue The December Android 11 QPR1 security update changes how certificates are handled for Wi-Fi security. This means Android eduroam users will lose the ability to connect to eduroam unless they use the eduroam CAT profile. Solution Create and launch your eduroam CAT profile. Available for download from the cat.eduroam.org portal. Support Contact tickets@canarie.ca Additional […]

blog arrowDate: December 10, 2020

Service Bulletin – For Technical Contacts / Signing Authorities

Issue It has come to our attention that eduroam users may be exposed to a security breach if their device is not configured properly. Context We have learned that an institution conducting penetration testing has been able to successfully infiltrate the eduroam Wi-Fi network by deploying a rogue Access Point (AP). This “Evil Twin” AP, […]

blog arrowDate: January 31, 2020