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A Case for the Cloud

Pat Crosscombe, Founder and CEO

What was the business problem?

We provide a solution to help Boards of Directors manage their meetings, critical documents and tasks. Our software solution offloads the administrative burden and contributes to more productive Board meetings, as members have ready access to the information they need through an intuitive software interface. As we are still in development mode, we need a cloud infrastructure that allows us to incorporate ongoing beta client feedback into our design.

59% of SMEs said use of the cloud reduced IT costs1

What were the potential solutions?

There are commercial cloud offerings available, but as a startup we keep a sharp eye on costs and were looking for the most costeffective option. We also needed to ensure that our data stays in Canada.

What solution was chosen?

I learned about DAIR through its partnership with Algonquin College’s Applied Research Program. It was the right cloud service for us. In addition to ensuring our data stays in Canada, DAIR offers high quality, reliable, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure that supports the BoardSpace team as we continue to refine our product offering. DAIR has been invaluable as we continue to evolve, testing its integration with e-commerce platforms and refining our onboarding processes.

What was the result?

We have moved forward with beta clients including one from Scotland and several from Canada. Our plan is to launch BoardSpace internationally with a soft launch at the end of 2016 and we plan a full commercial launch in early 2017.

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1 University of Manchester Business School/Rackforce Survey 2012. 1500 companies surveyed in the UK and US