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A Case for the Cloud

Mike Anderson, Chief Technology Officer

What was the business problem?

Echosec provides customers with increased situational awareness by providing an up-to-date snapshot of social media content regarding a specific issue or event. With applications in public safety, journalism and corporate security, Echosec delivers just-in-time information that can help customers make effective time sensitive decisions. Soon after Echosec had developed its Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we needed a solution that allowed us to test our product at scale, to ensure performance wasn’t eroding when we were testing under different parameters.

By 2020, 78% of small businesses will be adapted to cloud computing.1 

What were the potential solutions?

The team was already using commercial cloud infrastructures for some jobs, but DAIR was the perfect solution for us to experiment and create some longer-term testing scenarios. While we are happy with our commercial cloud services, they are relatively expensive for a startup, and the kinds of testing we are doing on DAIR would have been prohibitively costly using commercial services.

What solution was chosen?

We are very happy with the resources we have access to on DAIR. They are of the same quality as the commercial services we use, but give us the opportunity to really expand our thinking and test the limits of what our product can do in a risk-free, no-cost environment.

What was the result?

We are continuing to expand our customer base, with a focus on customers involved in public safety, as our just-in-time information is extremely valuable in difficult situations. The company’s now in a position to respond to some large RFPs, and we are continuing to use DAIR to test new features and capabilities of our service.

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1 https://cloudtweaks.com/2015/04/guide-small-business-cloud/