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A Case for the Cloud

David Poellhuber, COO

What was the business problem?

We are a cloud provider ourselves and a strong believer in elastic, as-required computing resources. We needed a solution that would allow us to try out different approaches to our solutions without a significant cost impact to our bottom line.

By 2020, 78% of small businesses will be adapted to cloud computing.1

What were the potential solutions?

We could have gone with a server-based solution, but we realize the hidden costs of software and hardware can have a negative impact on our cost base. Other options were a commercial cloud provider and DAIR.

What solution was chosen?

DAIR offered us a platform where we could experiment with different complex system setups. It allowed us to benchmark the efficiency of our spam filtering rules and the performance of various system components.

What was the result?

I liked the fact that DAIR is a Canadian initiative. The support we had was excellent and it was easy to access the resources we needed.

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1 http://cloudtweaks.com/2015/04/cloud-infographic-guide-to-small-business-cloud-computing/