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DAIR for Incubators and Accelerators

Bring the DAIR Cloud to your entrepreneurs!

How can the DAIR Cloud Program help Incubators and Accelerators in Canada?

  • Easy access to DAIR resources for entrepreneurs applying from a partnered incubator/accelerator
  • Access to the DAIR BoosterPacks: curated packages of sample code and documentation for new technologies
  • Promotion of your accelerator or incubator to those entrepreneurs ready to take the next step
  • Participation in DAIR community platforms, including our Slack Community and DAIR Webinar series
  • Guest speaking openings and opportunities to showcase the successes of your clients

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an incubator and accelerator partner of DAIR, please contact us at: cynthia.emerson@canarie.ca

When we collaborate on our expertise and experience, everyone wins!

We’re calling on emerging entrepreneurs and Canadian businesses with experience and demonstrated expertise in emerging technologies to share their knowledge with the next generation of startups. Each year, we’ll fund up to five (5) Canadian entrepreneurs or small/medium-sized businesses (with under 500 employees) to share their knowledge and expertise by building new DAIR BoosterPacks.

For your entrepreneurs with experience and demonstrated expertise in key emerging technologies, becoming a BoosterPack Builder provides:

  • Connections to new, potential partners & resources
  • Exposure and recognition for their expertise
  • Eligible BoosterPack builders receive $50,000 CAD to develop documentation (“Flight Plans”) and a sample solution and accompanying code (“Launch Codes”) to accelerate product development and learning for early-stage startups.

Learn more about how a business in your community can apply to become a BoosterPack Builder >