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Executive Team

Jim Ghadbane
President and CEO
(613) 944-5603 | jim.ghadbane at canarie.ca

Kathryn Anthonisen
Vice-President, External Relations
(613) 943-5374 | kathryn.anthonisen at canarie.ca

Nancy E. Carter
Chief Financial Officer
(613) 943-5437 | nancy.carter at canarie.ca

Peter Wilenius
Vice-President, Business Development
(613) 943-5455 | peter.wilenius at canarie.ca

Mark Wolff
Chief Technology Officer
(613) 943-0460 | mark.wolff at canarie.ca


Pamela Belfer
Corporate Administrator
pamela.belfer at canarie.ca

Sylvia Stanghetta
Manager, Corporate Services
(613) 943-5436 | sylvia.stanghetta at canarie.ca

Applications and Software Development

Tom Vitez
Senior Director, Applications
(613) 627-0774 | tom.vitez at canarie.ca


Ed Kingscote
DevOps Specialist
ed.kingscote at canarie.ca

Don McCullough
Solution Architect
(613) 763-3898 | don.mccullough at canarie.ca

Chris Phillips
Technology Architect, Canadian Access Federation
(613) 943-5370 | chris.phillips at canarie.ca

Software Development

Daniel Brenot
Software Developer
daniel.brenot at canarie.ca

Ryan Davies
Software Developer
(613) 229-3730 | ryan.davies at canarie.ca

Richard Ding
Test Engineer
(613) 799-4016 | richard.ding at canarie.ca

Ivy Jia
Software Developer
(613) 996-7067 | ivy.jia at canarie.ca

Leonardo Nobrega
Software Developer
leonardo.nobrega at canarie.ca

Dan Sellars
Manager, Software Development
(613) 943-5430 | dan.sellars at canarie.ca

Kesavadas Suthaman
Test Engineer
kesavadas.suthaman at canarie.ca

Business Development

Tim Stupich
Senior Director, Business Development
tim.stupich at canarie.ca


Julian Corduneanu
Director, Cybersecurity
(613) 943-0430 | julian.corduneanu at canarie.ca

Paul Sibley
Senior Cybersecurity Analyst
paul.sibley at canarie.ca

Beilei Tang
Cybersecurity Analyst
beilei.tang at canarie.ca

External Relations


Erik Bitmanis
Business Development Specialist
(613) 627-2162 | erik.bitmanis at canarie.ca

Keith Blouin
Technical Writer
keith.blouin at canarie.ca

Sharon Daly
Manager, Program Marketing
sharon.daly at canarie.ca

Cristina Germano
Digital Marketing Specialist
cristina.germano at canarie.ca

Ela Yazdani
Director, Communications
(613) 943-5432 | ela.yazdani at canarie.ca

Strategic Policy

Alex Bushell
Director, Strategic Policy and Analysis
(613) 943-5372 | alex.bushell at canarie.ca

Finance and Operations

Tracy Murray
Senior Director, Finance and Operations
(613) 943-5431 | tracy.murray at canarie.ca


Robert Chung
Finance Manager
(613) 943-5371 | robert.chung at canarie.ca

Patrick Dang
Program Accounting Manager
(613) 627-2120 | patrick.dang at canarie.ca

Marina Kidisyuk
Financial Analyst
marina.kidisyuk at canarie.ca

Marina Korliakova
Financial Accountant
(613) 627-0772 | marina.korliakova at canarie.ca

Liza Sheehan
Financial Reporting Officer
(613) 943-5379 | liza.sheehan at canarie.ca

Rasha Tadros
Financial Systems Manager
(613) 916-6337 | rasha.tadros at canarie.ca

Human Resources

Nancy Dassouki
Manager, Human Resources
nancy.dassouki at canarie.ca


Roslyn Ahrens
Administrative Specialist
roslyn.ahrens at canarie.ca

Annie Burt
Senior Administrative Specialist
(613) 943-5378 | annie.burt at canarie.ca

Michael Hill
Project Manager
michael.hill at canarie.ca

Annie Jolicoeur
Program Operations Coordinator
annie.jolicoeur at canarie.ca

Laura Lamar
Director, Program Operations
(613) 714-1018 | laura.lamar at canarie.ca

Claire Newlands
Program Operations Coordinator
(613) 763-8399 | claire.newlands at canarie.ca

Information Technology

Malcolm Bartlett
Director, IT
(613) 995-2747 | malcolm.bartlett at canarie.ca

Paolo Michelli
Senior IT Specialist
paolo.michelli at canarie.ca

Lance Purcell
Senior IT Specialist
(613) 996-2114 | lance.purcell at canarie.ca


Jun Jian
Network Engineer
(613) 944-5605 | jun.jian at canarie.ca

Richard Klinger
Manager, Network
(613) 943-5373 | richard.klinger at canarie.ca

Joshua Muysson
Network Software Developer
(613) 714-1008 | joshua.muysson at canarie.ca

Damir Pobric
Senior Network Engineer
(613) 944-5608 | damir.pobric at canarie.ca

Thomas Tam
Chief Engineer
(613) 944-5609 | thomas.tam at canarie.ca

Tao Zhang
Network Engineer
(613) 943-5377 | tao.zhang at canarie.ca


Cynthia Emerson
Program Manager, DAIR Cloud
cynthia.emerson at canarie.ca

Hervé Guy
Manager, Analytics
(613) 944-5606 | herve.guy at canarie.ca

Scott Henwood
Senior Director, Programs
(613) 943-5434 | scott.henwood at canarie.ca

Rafal Lawrukiewicz
Program Manager, Identity and Access Management
rafal.lawrukiewicz at canarie.ca

Mark Leggott
Executive Director, Research Data Canada (RDC)
(613) 220-7236 | mark.leggott at canarie.ca

Julie Menzies
Program Manager, NREN
(613) 996-2141 | julie.menzies at canarie.ca

Kevin Parent
Program Manager, Cybersecurity Initiatives
kevin.parent at canarie.ca