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Funded Initiatives

The multi-stakeholder Cybersecurity Advisory Committee defines and prioritizes the initiatives that will be funded and supported through the Cybersecurity Initiatives Program (CIP).

This prioritization is based on its three guiding principles:

  1. Fund and support initiatives that will support the evolution of a complementary set of capabilities at all layers – from local to national – to collectively enhance overall cybersecurity posture for the sector.
  2. Support activities that address priorities or gaps with the greatest potential to advance cybersecurity posture across the broadest portion of the ecosystem.
  3. Initiatives are ultimately for the benefit of the entire R&E system. All eligible organizations should be able to participate in and/or benefit from initiatives funded by the program.

The first three initiatives that will be made available to CIP participants:


Fall 2020
Funding implementation, support, and training across 200+ Eligible Organizations connected to the NREN


Early 2021
Funding participation, support, & training to 200+ Eligible Organizations connected to the NREN


Spring 2021
Funding implementation, support, & training for all Eligible Organizations not yet enrolled in the Joint Security Project (JSP)

All initiatives funded through the CIP are intended to integrate with each other to strengthen cybersecurity locally and in turn the overall security of the whole sector.

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