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Governor General David Johnston Participates in Demonstration of CANARIE-funded Science Studio Platform in Brazil

on April 27, 2012

Canadian-made remote experiment management platform supports advanced, collaborative global science.

[Ottawa, Ontario | 27 April 2012] CANARIE, Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network, today announced that Canada’s Governor General, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, will participate in a demonstration of the CANARIE-funded Science Studio remote experiment management platform. The Governor General is leading a delegation of Canadian university presidents to Brazil, with a goal of showcasing Canadian universities as among the best in the world and strengthening relationships with this growing economic power.


The Governor-General and his delegation (including media) will be accompanied by University of Saskatchewan president Peter MacKinnon to the Laboratorio Nacional de Luz Sincrotron for the April 28 tour and demonstration. The delegation will be shown remote control of the VESPERS beamline at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) in Saskatchewan and a beamline in Brazil using Science Studio software. The event will be broadcast live via Webcast beginning at 08:00 a.m. (instructions to access webcast below).

Science Studio is a CANARIE-funded, Web-based application for remote experiment management that lets scientists anywhere experiment with x-ray beams at the CLS or to use the electron microscope at the University of Western Ontario via CANARIE’s high-speed network. From wherever they are and when they want, researchers log onto a website, conduct experiments and get real-time results. The Brazilian synchrotron will be adopting the Science Studio platform, realizing the time and cost-saving benefits of this innovative tool.


“Not only is the CANARIE ultra-high-speed network critical digital infrastructure for research, CANARIE also funds leading-edge research tools used and recognized internationally,” explains Jim Roche, President and CEO of CANARIE. “As well as Science Studio, this includes CBRAIN, a web-based platform that aggregates brain images and supports advanced research in brain development and disease. CBRAIN is a key component of outGRID, a global network of research platforms funded in part by the European Union.”

“Science Studio supports research into things like unraveling how changes in a gene called BRCA1 lead to breast cancer” explains Dr. Michael Bauer, Professor at the University of Western Ontario and Principal Investigator on the Science Studio project. “Users can share their experiment data on Science Studio with other researchers anywhere in the world. Through investments like this, CANARIE strengthens Canada’s ability to participate in advanced global science.”


Science Studio is a project funded by CANARIE under its Network-Enabled Platforms program, which funded the development of innovative software research platforms that support greater access to research data and tools and increased national and global research collaborations.

The Governor General’s visit is part of a delegation of Canadian university presidents to Brazil, under the auspices of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.

A synchrotron is a source of brilliant light that scientists can use to gather information about the structural and chemical properties of materials at the molecular level. A synchrotron produces the light by using powerful electro-magnets and radio frequency waves to accelerate electrons to nearly the speed of light. Energy is added to the electrons as they accelerate so that, when the magnets alter their course, they naturally emit a very brilliant, highly focused light. Different spectra of light, such as Infrared, Ultraviolet, and X-rays, are directed down beamlines where researchers choose the desired wavelength to study their samples. The researchers observe the interaction between the light and the matter in their sample at the endstations (small laboratories).

This tool can be used to probe the matter and analyze a host of physical, chemical, geological, and biological processes. Information obtained by scientists can be used to help design new drugs, examine the structure of surfaces to develop more effective motor oils, build smaller, more powerful computer chips, develop new materials for safer medical implants, and help with clean-up of mining wastes, to name just a few applications.

Brazil’s synchrotron light source, Laboratorio Nacional de Luz Sincrotron (LNLS), operates the only Synchrotron Light Source in Latin America. LNLS facilities are annually used by about 2,700 Brazilian and foreign researchers, committed to over 500 studies that result in approximately 250 articles published in scientific journals.


Video of interview with Dr. Michael Bauer about Science Studio (6:10)
Science Studio fact sheet
Science Studio website
Live webcast: from São Paulo 27/04/2012 at 08:00 – 11:30 (Eastern time) (For questions about the webcast, contact infocentre.brazil@international.gc.ca.)

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