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eduroam Visitor Access

eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) allows institutions to easily provide secure, temporary Wi-Fi access to their visitors.  Visitors who are provided access through eVA have unrestricted, time limited access to the campus’s Wi-Fi service through eduroam.

eVA works with your existing eduroam infrastructure with minimal impact on campus IT operations.

The eVA service is available to all institutions that participate in the Canadian Access Federation and are eduroam-enabled.  Given that the eVA interface relies on Federated Identity Management (FIM) for access control, institutions must also be FIM-enabled to deploy and manage the service.

How does eVA simplify campus IT operations?

eVA significantly simplifies IT operations for creating and managing users to provide Wi-Fi access to campus visitors. Using an intuitive web-based portal, secure eduroam access can be granted to visitors in four different ways:

  1. Per individual visitor – e.g. a visiting speaker
  2. Batch accounts – uploading a batch file containing account information for a group of visitors, e.g. a delegation visiting campus or a team of temporary staff
  3. Group accounts – creating eduroam credentials for a group of unknown users: for cases in which the visitor does not have SMS capabilities on their device and therefore cannot self-provision their account
  4. SMS event – generation of a code word that can be sent via SMS by a visitor for a temporary eVA account), e.g. attendees of a conference hosted on campus

Beyond simplifying operations, eVA enables IT administrators to:

  • Delegate permissions to campus staff to create eVA accounts
  • Maintain full control over eVA accounts; access granted through any means can be terminated at anytime
  • Limit the number of accounts granted at a time and easily automate the termination of accounts using pre-set time limits
  • Reduce the number of transient credentials granted to users
  • Enhance the experience of frequent guest Wi-Fi users, by offering a nationally consistent and familiar service available at research and education institutions across Canada
  • View eVA statistics and detailed eVA User account information

How does eVA enhance the experience of campus staff/faculty and visitors?

Using the simple and intuitive eVA portal, campus staff and faculty can easily provide Wi-Fi access to visitors using the globally recognized eduroam service without having to be an intermediary between their visitors and central IT.

Additionally, staff and faculty can view statistics and detailed account information for the eVA visitor accounts they’ve created.

Visitors can easily use self-serve “SMS Events” to request eduroam access through their mobile phone, without having to request support from their campus host or the host IT department.

How do I get access to eVA?

Your organization needs to be a participant in the Canadian Access Federation (CAF) and have both Federated Identity Management (FIM) and eduroam implemented.

  • If you are not currently a CAF participant, you can apply to join here: canarie.ca/identity/join
  • If both FIM or eduroam are not currently implemented by your organization, you may need to update your Participation Agreement. Please contact canops@canarie.ca for more information.
  • If you have any technical questions or if you would like to get started on your implementation of FIM, eduroam, or eVA, please contact tickets@canarie.ca.

How can visitors gain access to eVA?

Creating Individual Accounts

  1. Staff member requests eduroam for their visitor(s) using eVA portal
  2. Visitor receives eduroam credentials via text or email
  3. Visitor connects to eduroam
  4. Visitor eduroam account automatically expires 

Self-Serve Access Using “SMS Events”

  1. Visitors text the provided keyword to the advertised SMS number
  2. Visitors receive eduroam credentials via text or email
  3. Visitor connects to eduroam
  4. Visitors’ accounts automatically expire at the end of the access period


The eVA Service will be included in the Canadian Access Federation (CAF) bundle of services. Learn more about CAF services and pricing.

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Contact caf@canarie.ca for more information about eduroam Visitor Access and how it can help simplify IT operations at your institution while enhancing the user experience of your campus faculty and staff.