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eduGAIN gives Canadians access to a world of content from the comfort of their office, classroom, or home here in Canada.

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A World of Content

Available to staff, students, and faculty whose institutions participate in Canadian Access Federation (CAF), eduGAIN gives users a “digital passport” which enables them to access a wide range of content and applications at eduGAIN’s participating institutions globally. Similarly, member institutions of eduGAIN can offer their users an opportunity to access the resources of CAF’s participating institutions across Canada.

This evolution of the CAF service strengthens Canadians’ prospects for global collaboration and opens up new opportunities for innovation and discovery.

Through a global network of national federations such as CAF in Canada, eduGAIN functions as an international clearinghouse for the federation of metadata records for identity and service providers.

CAF participates with eduGAIN to dramatically simplify and streamline collaboration for its participants on an international level and extends their reach. Details about eduGAIN participants and other regional/country-based federations can be found on the eduGAIN website.