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eduroam FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the Canadian eduroam network topology?
Canada’s federation-level servers operate as the gateway for eduroam traffic within Canada and internationally. View Canadian eduroam network topology as of July 2017.
+ Where can I find eduroam communities support information?
There is a variety of community forums with extensive technical knowledge about experiences with configuration of federated software. If you have an application or configuration question and wish to discuss topics more broadly we encourage searching the archives before posting your question if the archives do not provide an adequate answer.

Canada-centric lists for FIM are:

a Canada-focused technical discussion list suitable for broad discussions of technical topics; usually low traffic.

a Canada-focused support discussion list suitable for operational discussion topics and/or notifications; usually low traffic.

Technical contacts provided to CANARIE will be added to the above lists automatically as part of the communication and support environment.

CANARIE encourages technical contacts to consider joining or monitoring other community lists that are relevant to their chosen software platform.  Notable open source community support lists are:

> Shibboleth (FIM reference software implementation)


> eduroam Support

+ How do I access daily and monthly eduroam stats?
Please sign in to services.canarie.ca. This portal is exclusively available to institutions who participate in the Federated Identity Management (FIM) service.


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