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Federation Operator Practice: Metadata Registration Practice Statement

This template document is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 3.0. You are free to share, re-use and adapt this template as long as attribution is given. This document draws on work carried out by the UK Access Management Federation ... Read More


CANARIE is pleased to announce the addition of ADFSToolkit functionality to the Canadian Access Federation (CAF) Federated Identity Management (FIM) service. CANARIE and its partners have been working on a set of tools to augment existing ADFS Identity Provider installations. ... Read More

Common Settings and URLs for FIM Services

Production and Test Environments CANARIE’s FIM has two environments: Production environment for production facing services and high availability profile Test environment for non-production services with a best effort availability profile Your IdP or SP can participate in either or both ... Read More

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Check back here for new FIM Troubleshooting posts. Read More

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What Standards and Profiles does FIM use?

The FIM service implements the OASIS SAML2 specification and participates globally with other SAML2 federations through inter-federation with eduGAIN. Inter-federation is how CANARIE exchanges FIM Identity Provider (IdP) and Service Provider (SP) records in an interoperable fashion. To do this ... Read More

IdP Installer Software

Additionally, CANARIE has an automated installation of the FIM reference Identity Provider implementation that can be found here: canarie.ca/identity/support/fim-tools/ Read More

Recommended SP Software

Any software that supports SAML2 can be used in FIM. The prevalent installation choice is Shibboleth, which is also CANARIE’s chosen base for the reference FIM implementation due to feature robustness, security, and maintainability. Comparing SAML2 Service Provider Solutions Organizations ... Read More

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