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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where can I find FIM communities support information?
There is a variety of community forums with extensive technical knowledge about experiences with configuration of federated software. If you have an application or configuration question and wish to discuss topics more broadly we encourage searching the archives before posting your question if the archives do not provide an adequate answer.

Canadian centric lists for FIMS are:

a Canada-focused technical discussion list suitable for broad discussions of technical topics; usually low traffic.

a Canada-focused support discussion list suitable for operational discussion topics and/or notifications; usually low traffic.

Technical contacts provided to CANARIE will be added to the above lists automatically as part of the communication and support environment.

CANARIE encourages technical contacts to consider joining or monitoring other community lists that are relevant to their chosen software platform.  Notable opensource community support lists are:

> Shibboleth (FIMS reference software implementation)


> eduroam Support

+ How do I join the Canadian Access Federation?
Please see full details on participation criteria and procedures on the “Join the Canadian Access Federation” page.
+ My organization is a CAF Participant.  How do we add an additional service (such as Federated Identity Management (FIM), eduroam or eduGAIN?
Please contact caf@canarie.ca. You will be required to submit an updated Trust Assertion Document, and you may also be required to execute a Participation Agreement amendment.
+ Our organization’s technical representative has changed. How do we update our technical contact details?
A request must be sent to tickets@canarie.ca by either the technical contact already on file, or your organizations’ CIO.
+ How do we change our organization’s IdP / SP entity ID?
Send your new metadata to tickets@canarie.ca.
+ Where can I find the CAF IdP Installation Guide?
Under “Additional Resources” at the bottom of the Federated Identity Management page.
+ Is there a test environment in which we can test our metadata before going live?
CAF has a test federation for CAF participants’ use. If your organization is not a CAF participant, please visit the “Join the Canadian Access Federation” page. CAF does not have a test IdP to provide test credentials. Service Providers are encouraged to get an IdP from one of their CAF participant users.
+ How do we join eduGAIN?
If your organization is a CAF participant, submit your request to tickets@canarie.ca.  Otherwise, please visit the “Join the Canadian Access Federation” page.
+ I need guidance for configuring FIM at my organization.
Please visit: https://tts.canarie.ca/otrs/public.pl?Action=PublicFAQExplorer;CategoryID=2
+ I need guidance for configuring eduroam at my organization.
Please see the list of technical FAQs maintained on CANARIE’s ticketing system. For any other technical questions, please contact tickets@canarie.ca.
+ I have a non-technical question about CAF.
Please contact caf@canarie.ca.