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Network Infrastructure

Twelve provincial and territorial network partners, together with CANARIE, collectively form Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN). This powerful digital infrastructure connects Canadians to national and global data, tools, colleagues, and classrooms that fuel the engine of innovation in today’s digital economy.

fuel the engine of innovation

CANARIE’s provincial and territorial network partners connect directly to institutions in their jurisdiction and to the CANARIE national backbone. CANARIE’s national backbone network provides interprovincial connectivity, as well as international connectivity to peer research and education networks in more than 100 countries.

To accommodate the vast amounts of data that researchers need, the CANARIE network operates at speeds up to 100 Gigabits per second (enough to download a full 2-hour HD video in 4/10 of a second) – thousands of times faster than the fastest network commercially available at homes or offices. It also stretches more than 31,000 km across Canada, from as far north as Inuvik, NT, and from Beaver Creek, YT, to St. John’s, NL.

The CANARIE network keeps Canada at the forefront of research and innovation, fundamental to a vibrant digital economy.

Canadian research and educational institutions can further leverage the power of the CANARIE network for their users through value-added Network Services.

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