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Network Services

Institutions that meet the policies of connecting to the CANARIE Network may also benefit from CANARIE’s Content Delivery Service or Lightpath Program.

Research & Education IP Service

The CANARIE IP Network Service provides high-speed IP access to national and global Research & Education communities. Institutions access the advanced IP Service through Regional Advanced Networks (RANs) in Canada’s provinces and territories. The IP network provides full and equal support for IPv4 and IPv6 unicast and multicast routing, and other advanced protocols. Learn more about the IP Network Service.

Content Delivery Service (CDS)

The Content Delivery Service provides research and education institutions connected to the CANARIE Network with ultra-high-speed access to a list of approved Internet Content Providers. Learn more about CDS.

Lightpath Service

A Lightpath is a dedicated, high-bandwidth end-to-end communication that provides effective bandwidth over great geographical distances, where available.

This ongoing program allows researchers to request and obtain dedicated CANARIE network infrastructure resources to build their own networks. Learn more about the Lightpath Service.

Support for Cloud Adoption

Institutions and organizations are looking to trial the use of private cloud for their research and education needs. CANARIE is following these activities closely in order to better understand the network requirements such a change might have on the national network.

To leverage the capabilities of the high-speed research and education network, private cloud providers are offering discounts or waivers against the cost of data egress for the academic community. These include: