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Content Delivery Service (CDS)

Content Delivery Service (CDS) gives Canada’s research and education community faster access to Internet-based resources and content, without increasing Internet transit costs. Educational institutions are expected to save over $1 million per year through the use of this service.

Research and education institutions connected to the CANARIE Network benefit from ultra-high-speed access to a list of approved Internet Content Providers:

  • Adhost
  • Altopia (Altopia.com and Alt.net)
  • Amazon.com
  • Box.net
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Desire2Learn
  • Facebook
  • Github
  • Google
  • Limelight
  • Microsoft
  • Rackforce
  • Softlayer
  • Yahoo!

Institutions that take advantage of the Content Delivery Service enjoy immediate and meaningful benefits. One university has seen its network capacity increase by over 25%, with no additional costs, and more capacity available as demand increases.

The service is delivered on CANARIE’s dedicated CDS IP Network, which is separate from the CANARIE Network that provides research and education connectivity. The peering relationship with a Content Provider can be established either through public Internet eXchanges Points (IXP) or private links.

Currently, the CDS IP Network has links to the following IXPs:

  • HFXIX (Halifax, NS)
  • NYIIX (New York City, NY)
  • Pacific Wave (Seattle, WA)
  • SIX (Seattle, WA)
  • TorIX (Toronto, ON)
  • QIX (Montreal, QC)
  • VANIX (Vancouver, BC)
  • YYCIX (Calgary, AB)

CANARIE will peer with a Content Provider who supports the research and education community by peering to better support cloud computing and outsourced IT services such as e-mail. Entering into a peering relationship with a Content Provider is governed by, and subject to, CANARIE’s Content Peering Policy, as approved by CANARIE’s Board of Directors in January 2011.

CANARIE Content Peering Policy

Within the broader goal to advance the development of the digital economy in Canada, CANARIE network infrastructure and services are provided to support research, education, advanced application development and usage by Canadian research, education, government, and industry organizations. This policy applies to the connection of Content Providers to the CANARIE network infrastructure.

Who We Peer With

Under this policy, CANARIE will peer with Content Providers (see current list above) who support the research and education community. Peering with content providers enables users of the CANARIE network to not only have superior access for collaboration amongst their community, but also provides users with superior access to public domain information in support of their work.
CANARIE will accept requests to peer with specific Content Providers. These requests may be received from a number of sources, including the Content Provider itself, a specific user, or the user community en masse. However, to ensure consistency with its mandate, the final decision of whom to peer with rests solely with CANARIE.


Under this policy, the CANARIE infrastructure will only carry traffic from content providers to its user community and will not transit that traffic across its network for any other purposes.

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