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Content Delivery Service FAQs

General Information

+ What is the purpose of the Content Delivery Service (CDS)?
The Content Delivery Service gives Canada’s research and education community faster access to Internet-based resources and content, without increasing Internet transit costs. CDS enables users at connected institutions to benefit from high-speed access to public domain information in support of research and education.
+ What are the benefits of the Content Delivery Service?
Members of the research and education community are reliant on Content Providers for various services. Cloud computing is one example of such a service, as it has become an essential tool for research and scientific discovery. On the other hand, several universities have outsourced some of their IT services, e-mail for example, to Content Providers. CDS provide reliable, high-speed access to Content Providers for research and education institutions in Canada connected to the CANARIE Network.
+ How is the peering relationship for the Content Delivery Service established?
The peering relationship with a Content Provider can be established either through public Internet eXchanges Points (IXP) or private links. Currently, the CDS IP Network has links to the following IXPs: SIX (Seattle, WA), Pacific Wave (Seattle, WA), TorIX (Toronto, ON) and NYIIX (New York City, NY).
+ How is the Service delivered?
The service is delivered on a dedicated network; CANARIE’s CDS IP Network that is logically separate from the CANARIE IP Network providing research and education connectivity services. Which Content Providers does CANARIE peer with? CANARIE peers with Content Providers who support the research and education community. Current Content Providers are:
  • Adhost
  • Altopia (Altopia.com and Alt.net)
  • Amazon.com
  • Box.net
  • Desire2Learn
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Limelight
  • Microsoft
  • Yahoo!
+ Does CANARIE monitor the Content Delivery Service traffic?
Traffic is being monitored and is available on the CDS Weather Map.
+ Are there any costs associated with the Content Delivery Service?
No, there is no cost to the user of the service or the provider of the content.


+ Do I require access to the CANARIE Network to benefit from the service?
Yes, only current users of the CANARIE Network can benefit from the service.
+ Who can submit an application to request new services or content to be added?
Anyone interested in particular service/content can submit the request.
+ Which Content Providers can offer services?
The services/content offered by the Content Provider must be deemed valuable to the research, education and innovation communities that CANARIE serves.


+ What are the criteria for evaluating the applications?
CANARIE assesses each request according to its compliance with CANARIE’s Content Peering Policy as well as its technical and cost feasibility. The peering request would be rejected if it were deemed to be non-compliant with CANARIE policy; otherwise it would proceed to assessment of Technical Feasibility.


+ Do I need to AS-prepend route announcements to my commodity providers?
You most likely do. CANARIE introduces single AS6509 between the peers and the RANs; RANs/GigaPoPs add their own AS number to the AS-path. In general, prepending your own AS number three or four times to announcements to your ISP should ensure that inbound traffic prefers the content delivery service over other links.
+ Can I select which Content Providers to exchange traffic with?
CANARIE does not currently offer this option.
+ Will Content Delivery Service reduce my commodity Internet usage?
A certain percentage of your commodity Internet traffic will be off-loaded to the Content Delivery Service. The percentage will vary for each user and is predominantly dependent on traffic patterns.