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Network Support

Trouble management involves the notification, determination, tracking, and resolution of troubles associated with CANARIE Network services..


Please see status of Scheduled Maintenance and Network Outages.

Change management allows network changes to proceed in a timely and minimally disruptive fashion. All changes to network equipment (including hardware and software changes) will be undertaken directly by CANARIE Network Operations Centre engineering or under the direction of CANARIE Network Operations Centre engineering.

Any changes that affect services will be performed during the service window of 21:00 EDT/EST to 06:00 EDT/EST, whenever possible. Any changes that do not affect services will not be limited to any maintenance window.

Network Operations Centre

CANARIE NOC Telephone – 613.944.5612

24 x 7 Telephone – 613.944.5611

Escalation Procedure

In the event of an unscheduled problem or outage, contact our Operations Centre during weekdays between 08:00-17:00 Eastern Time (UTC-5) as follows:

  1. Engineering Team: noc@canarie.ca – 613.944.5611
  2. Chief Engineer: Thomas Tamthomas.tam@canarie.ca – 613.944.5609
  3. Chief Technology Officer: Mark Wolffcto@canarie.ca – 613.943.0460

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