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Global Partners

CANARIE connects research and education communities to the world to enable Canadian participation in collaborative, data-intensive global research initiatives. CANARIE is Canada’s voice for advanced research and education networking on the global stage.

Connecting to 100 international peer networks in more than 100 countries around the world, CANARIE links great minds, technologies and research facilities in Canada with those in many other countries, enabling multinational teams to harness their collective expertise and collaborate on global research challenges. CANARIE provides coordination, engineering expertise and support to Canadian public and private sector research partners for many international advanced networking initiatives.


Global Research Initiatives Supported by CANARIE:

CANARIE’s CEO, Jim Ghadbane, is also a member of the Global NREN CEO Forum, comprised of CEOs from leading NRENs. This group works towards a collaborative model for evolving both networks and network services to meet the changing needs of the research, education and innovation communities they serve.


Image Source: GLIF Consortium http://www.glif.is

North and South America

  • Argentina: InnovaRed
  • Brazil: RNP
  • Chile: REUNA
  • Colombia: RENATA
  • Ecuador: CEDIA
  • El Salvador: RAICES
  • Guatemala: RAGIE
  • Mexico: CUDI
  • Panama: RedCyT
  • Peru: RAAP
  • United States: Internet2
  • Uruguay: RAU2
  • Venezuela: REACCIUN2

Asia Pacific

  • Australia: AARNet
  • Hong Kong: HARNET
  • India: ERNET
  • Indonesia: NHERENT
  • Japan: JGN2, SINET
  • Korea: KREONet2, KOREN
  • Laos: LERNET
  • Malaysia: MYREN
  • Nepal: NREN
  • New Zealand: KAREN
  • Philippines: PREGINET
  • Singapore: SingAREN
  • Taiwan: ASNet, TWAREN/TANet2
  • Thailand: ThaiSarn, UniNet
  • Vietnam: VINAREN

Middle East & Africa

  • Algeria (ARN)
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (Eb@le)
  • Israel (ILAN)
  • Kenya (KENET)
  • Malawi (MAREN)
  • Morocco (MARWAN)
  • Mozambique (MoRENet)
  • Qatar (QNREN)
  • Rwanda (RwEdNet)
  • South Africa (TENET)
  • Sudan (SUIN)
  • Tanzania (TERNET)
  • Uganda (RENU)
  • Zambia (ZAMREN)


  • Pan-Europe: GÉANT
  • Northern-Europe: NORDUnet
  • Austria (ACOnet)
  • Belarus (BASNET)
  • Belgium (BELNET)
  • Bulgaria (BREN)
  • Croatia (CARNet)
  • Cyprus (CyNet)
  • Czech Republic (CESNET)
  • Denmark (DeIC)
  • Estonia (EENet)
  • Finland (Funet)
  • France (RENATER)
  • Georgia (GRENA)
  • Germany (DFN)
  • Greece (GRNET S.A.)
  • Hungary (HUNGARNET)
  • Iceland (RHnet)
  • Ireland (HEAnet)
  • Italy (GARR)
  • Latvia (SigmaNet)
  • Lithuania (LITNET)
  • Luxembourg (RESTENA)
  • Malta (University of Malta)
  • Montenegro (MREN)
  • Netherlands (SURFnet)
  • Norway (UNINETT)
  • Poland (PIONIER)
  • Portugal (RCTS2)
  • Republic of Macedonia (MARNet)
  • Republic of Moldova (RENAM)
  • Romania (RoEduNet)
  • Russian Federation (RBNet, RUNNet)
  • Serbia (AMRES)
  • Slovakia (SANET)
  • Slovenia (ARNES)
  • Spain (RedIRIS)
  • Sweden (SUNET)
  • Switzerland (SWITCH)
  • Turkey (ULAKBIM)
  • Ukraine (URAN)
  • United Kingdom (JANET)