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For Software Developers

CANARIE’s Research Software Program allows research software developers to create effective Research Platforms without having to first become experts in software disciplines unrelated to their research. Implementing such capabilities becomes a matter of integrating services developed by others who are experts in these areas. To ensure quality, Research Software Services available under the program must be in active use in at least one Research Platform and are monitored for availability by CANARIE.


Software Services

All Software Services are free to use for research purposes, and many are open source. This means that developers can pick and choose the services that suit their needs when developing platforms.

They can also benefit from CANARIE’s Research Software developers’ workshops, where opportunities to explore collaboration and provide input regarding the future of the program abound.

Research software developers give back too: participants contribute Platforms and Services back to the Software Registry, thereby strengthening the development ecosystem and creating an environment of constant improvement.

CANARIE helps research software developers invent tools for discovery more efficiently.

To contribute a Service to the Software Registry or to learn more about how CANARIE’s Research Software Program can provide you with the Services for your next development project, contact software@canarie.ca.


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