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For Research Funders & Supporters

CANARIE’s goal in championing Research Software is to accelerate discovery, reduce software development duplication and ensure research funding is applied to research, not to infrastructure development.

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Research Software

Since 2007, CANARIE has invested in the development of more than 32 unique new Research Software Platforms, which reused more than 20 Research Software Services developed through this innovative model of software development.

Through these 32 new Platforms, 75 new Research Software Services have been contributed to the pool of resources available to researchers.

CANARIE has harvested the “best of breed” Software Services from the Research Platforms that it has funded and supported. Learn more about the full suite of Services currently available to the scientific research community at no cost.

For funding research bodies and other organizations that support research, it’s all about driving discovery. By directing funded researchers and developers to CANARIE’s Research Software Program, investors and institutions can help researchers and developers avoid repetition and duplication of effort.

In turn, funding can be better spent on the research and developments that make discovery possible. By directing your participants to contribute research Services and Platforms back to the CANARIE registry, you are helping to ensure that a vibrant software ecosystem will be in place to further accelerate research in the future.

Digital Infrastructure providers can benefit from CANARIE’s Research Software program as well. CANARIE Software Services provide a consistent, validated mechanism to access your resources. This allows researchers who may not be experts in digital infrastructure technology to make effective use of your resources, with minimal support and training costs on your part.

Additionally, CANARIE is happy to work with Canadian digital infrastructure providers to create Software Services that simplify access to your resources where none exist.

CANARIE helps Canada’s research, education and innovation ecosystem drive discovery more effectively.

To learn more about how the Research Software program can leverage your organization’s investment in Canadian research, contact software@canarie.ca.


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