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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

+ Q. Is this Call related to any previous Research Software (RS) Platform Calls? 
A: No, this is the first call focusing on Local Research Software Support.
+ Q. How many researchers need to be supported at the institution? Do I have to outline that number in my application?
A: No. It’s great if you can, but we understand that supporting researchers may take some time. With your proposal, you must include letters of support from the institution (Vice President, Research and possibly the CIO) and from at least 3 researchers who are interested in using the services of the team.
+ Q. What are the technical reporting requirements?
A: Technical status updates are required every four (4) weeks via videoconference with the CANARIE technical team. There is a formal review and report required at the end of each fiscal year of funding and at the end of the funding period.
+ Q. Will the evaluation criteria be published before the end of the call?
A: The evaluation criteria are listed in the Statement of Work template.
+ Q. Can I submit an application if I work for a Federal Government institution?
A: No, this call is not open to federal departments, agencies, Crown corporations, foreign organizations or organizations that are not involved in academic research.
+ Q. Is it mandatory to have a Project Authority?
A: Yes, someone must be appointed as the Project Authority (PA) and identified in the application. The PA must set up this team and guide the team strategy. This is not a funded position.
+ Q. Is there someone I can discuss my ideas with prior to developing a full application to make sure we are on the right track?
A: Yes, please contact programs@canarie.ca to schedule a call. Discussions will be held in confidence.
+ Q. Can I submit more than one proposal for a Local Support team?
A: There is only one application permitted per institution.
+ Q. If we are successful, can we revise the Agreement from CANARIE?
A: No, everyone who is successful with this Call will be signing the same Agreement with CANARIE.

Finance Questions

+ Q. CANARIE funding is claims based. What does that mean to us?
A: During the project, you submit claims quarterly. Claims must be accompanied by supporting documentation (e.g. employee timesheets, proof of salary and fringe benefits, etc.). CANARIE will reimburse your organization for eligible amounts claimed, less a 10% holdback that is paid at the end of the project.
+ Q. The CANARIE Preliminary Project Budget Template has a place for signature by the Accounting Representative. Do we need this signed prior to submitting our application?
A: No, signing the budget is not required at this stage. Successful applicants will sign the budget during the Agreement execution process.
+ Q. How do we know whether a project cost is eligible?
A: Please see the Schedule of Eligible Costs. When in doubt, contact us at programs@canarie.ca.
+ Q. Are there any limits on eligible project costs that we should be aware of?
A: Yes. Employee fringe benefits costs must not exceed 20% of eligible direct labour costs.
+ Q. Can we claim the overhead associated with employees working on our project?
A: No, you cannot claim any overhead costs. General office supplies, utilities, rent for office space, office equipment, etc. are considered overhead, and are not eligible costs.
+ Q. Will the project finances be audited?
A: Yes, audits may be scheduled at any time during the project.
+ Q. What qualifies as an in-kind contribution?
A: In-kind contributions include salaries and fringe benefits paid at the rates shown in the organization’s payroll and accounting records incurred for the project, e.g. salary and fringe benefits for university faculty or Project Authority. Anyone not paid a salary will not qualify as an in-kind contribution.
+ Q. Is there a minimum in-kind contribution?
A: Yes, in-kind contributions must be at least 15% of the total quarterly eligible project costs before a project is eligible for funding.
+ Q. Must the organization receiving the funding be a university or research institute? Could it be a charity or for-profit company?
A: The Lead Contractor must be a legally recognized Canadian university or college, involved in academic research. Federal government institutions are not eligible to receive funding.
+ Q. What if our institution currently has a funded CANARIE project?
A: Having an active CANARIE Research Software platform or Research Data Management project does not preclude you from submitting an application under this call. If you are successful, we expect that the team would not contribute to projects already funded by CANARIE. Please note: Institutions funded under the CANARIE Local Research Software Support Pilot are not eligible to receive funding.