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Research Platforms

The goal of CANARIE’s Research Software Program is to accelerate discovery and give Canada a first-mover advantage in accessing and leveraging digital infrastructure resources and tools.


CANARIE invests in and supports both Research Platforms and Research Software Services through this program:

  • Research Platforms are complete software applications that fully support research activities and workflow. They are usually discipline-specific and often include a collaborative component.
  • Research Software Services are software components that contribute individual pieces of functionality to research platforms.

If a Research Platform were a Swiss army knife, the Research Software Services would be the individual blades.

Research Platforms are sophisticated software platforms that support end-to-end research workflow within a specific domain – essentially a one-stop shop for research. These Platforms benefit from the Software Services toolkit, as they can incorporate previously-created Services and add new ones to the suite, resulting in significant process and cost efficiencies through a powerful cycle of software development and reuse.

Research Software Registry

Visit the Research Software Registry to learn more about Research Platforms developed under this innovative program.

Newly Added Platforms




Previously Funded Platforms