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In this era of big data and e-research, scientists and researchers are increasingly dependent on Canada’s digital infrastructure to support their work. CANARIE’s Research Software Program supports and promotes the development of software tools that simplify access to Big Data and infrastructure, including high performance computing and storage resources.

high powered computers

These software tools allow researchers from all disciplines to concentrate on their research rather than on the infrastructure, ensuring that more funding dollars go directly towards discovery-related activities. Software tools provided under CANARIE’s Research Software program are designed to be modular and re-usable, so once the tools are created, they may be used by many researchers at no additional cost.

Sometimes, research in new disciplines or research that involves new methodologies may require development of a new Research Platform. Traditionally, research teams have had to build very large, complex pieces of software to fulfill their unique requirements – time that could be better spent on the actual research. CANARIE’s Research Software Program is changing this paradigm by allowing research platforms to be built from proven Software Services, which in turn enables research to be done faster and more efficiently. Researchers are able to spend more time, resources and effort on what matters most: the research.

CANARIE helps researchers accelerate discovery.

To learn more about how CANARIE’s Research Software Program can help accelerate your research, contact software@canarie.ca.


Check out the videos below to see how CANARIE’s Research Software Program has helped Canadian researchers accelerate their discoveries:

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