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Research Software Services

CANARIE’s Research Software Program invests in and supports both Research Platforms and Research Software Services, with a goal of accelerating discovery and giving Canada a first-mover advantage in accessing and leveraging digital infrastructure resources.

  • Research Platforms are complete software applications that fully support research activities and workflow. They are usually discipline-specific and often include a collaborative component.
  • Research Software Services are software components that contribute individual pieces of functionality to research platforms.

research service

If a Research Platform were a Swiss army knife, the Research Software Services would be the individual blades.

Research Software Services each perform a specific function, and can be used and re-used in an infinite number of Research Software Platforms. For example, a Software Service could be an exceptionally effective data visualization tool, or a tool that harmonizes the formats of data from different sources so they may be easily accessed. The collection of Software Services is growing rapidly, driving efficiencies in research software development and accelerating scientific discovery.

Research Software Services Categories:

  • Sensor Management/Data Acquisition – services to manage the acquisition of data, either directly from sensors or in previously acquired data sets
  • Data Storage and Retrieval – services to manage storing of data,including cloud storage and management of distributed data sets
  • Data Manipulation – services that provide algorithms to process data
  • Data Visualization – 2D and 3D visualization services, supporting a variety of input formats
  • Resource/Cloud Management – services to simplify access to Canada’s digital infrastructure, including cloud computing
  • Service Registration/Discovery – services that allow for the discovery of other services
  • Workflow/Service Scheduling – services to manage workflow definition and scheduling of cloud compute resources
  • User Management/Authentication – services to authenticate users, define user groups and control access to resources
  • Other – services that serve specialized functions not described above

CANARIE has harvested the “best of breed” Software Services from the Software Platforms that it has funded and supported. Learn more about the full suite of Services currently available to the scientific research community at no cost:

Research Software Services Registry